XiaoMi 13T pro GPS problem solved



if your Xiaomi 13t Pro and experienced GPS problem like ‘GPS signal lost’ in google maps or all satellites in ‘GPS test’ simply disappear. Just turn off location permission for the service ‘Find Device.’ BTW I’m using MIUI 14.0.9 global rom Don’t forget to restart the phone after turn off the service. (It’s a spiritual practice 🙂 )

Hey, what’s up, guys? For those using Xiaomi 13T Pro and experiencing GPS problems, I may have a temporary solution to permanently fix the ‘GPS signal lost’ issue.

by the way i am using the rom MIUI global 14.0.9

Here are the symptoms of the GPS problem on Xiaomi 13T Pro: when using Google Maps for navigation, out of the blue, the app will say ‘GPS signal lost,’ even when driving under a clear sky. In GPS test apps, all satellites simply disappear. No matter how long you wait for the GPS signal to come back, it won’t. You have to restart the phone, and the GPS works for a while, a day, and then the GPS problems come back randomly.

The culprit is a system service called ‘Find Device.’ You cannot delete this service, but you can ‘Don’t allow’ the service to access ‘Location Permission.’ Also, uninstall the app ‘Google Find My Device.’ I think there are some conflicts between the apps and the hardware.

If you wonder how I found out , you can go to Settings -> Apps -> Permissions -> Location. You can see when the last time any individual app accessed the GPS hardware. I found out that every single time ‘GPS signal loss’ occurs, the ‘Find Device’ service had access to the GPS hardware, and the whole GPS system in the phone crashed. So, I just ‘Don’t allow’ this app to access the Location service.

That’s it, guys, until next time.


xiaomi 13t pro แก้ปัญหาสัญญาณ gps หาย อาการ : ใช้ google map นำทางอยู่แล้วสัญญาณ gps หาย, ในแอป gps test ดาวเทียมหายหมด ต้องรีสตาร์ทเครื่องแล้ว ก็ใช้ได้ ซักพักก็เป็นอีก วิธีแก้ : ปิดการเข้าถึง”ตำแหน่ง” ของ service ที่ชื่อว่า “ค้นหาอุปกรณ์”